Thursday, 22 March 2012

SK2 whitening spot specialist

So excited to give a review for my HG product~!ok,calm down a bit.This product is the updated one,actually the previous one is called whitening dermdefinition.I tried the previous one also,in fact both of them are almost the same, both of them work fabulously for me.

This product claims to give you a virtually(means looks like) spotless skin in 28 days.However,I don`t have too severe spot problem,majority is due to post inflammatory hyperpigmentation(after allergic reaction),my mun is currently using this right now,I will update the result on aging skin next time.

The active ingredient for this porduct is a very unique chemical named as Demelano-P3C.As the name,this chemical poses a decrease melanin(black pigment) ability.However,I  believe that the excellent result of this product is not only due to demelano-P3C,I trust the high concentration niacinamide more.Niacinamide is an effective whitening ingredient ,on top of that it has a inhibiting inflammation ability,what a great ingredient for sensitive skin!Besides that ,this product is also added with palm extract,but I don`t consider that heavily since it has a low concentration.The other ingredients are all emollient,humectant and preservative with appropriate concentration.This product has no fragrance or coloring

The superb light weight,completely non-greasy and easily absorb texture wins my heart.This product has no fragrance so what you can smell is only the pitera,a little bit like wine,natural smell,but some of you may think it is stinky(individually).
The best thing about this essence is the effect.I still remember when I was using my first bottle,the first 1-2 weeks I didn`t experience any miracle,but when it came to the third and forth week,I really could see my skin became brighter and fairer.When I came back my hometown,my mun and bro told me that my skin condition had improved so much,that time I was over the rainbow ,lol.I have to highlight here,I was born with dark skin,this serum makes me to believe that actually I can be fairer,it even up my skin tone as well.This serum would not clog pore .It can increase the hydration level of your skin,and I don`t experience any allergic reaction with this essence(some sensitive skin user may experience slight allergic reaction for the first time usage)

The official direction of using this essence is shown in the picture above.Personally I only use this at night.You can add another half pump for the concern area,try to dab the essence instead of making a circular motion,I do believe that dabbing helps to focus the essence on the concern area instead of spreading it out evenly.Before using a paper mask,you can apply this essence on the concern area first for a better result.

Pros:effective,light weight,won`t allergic,a perfect whitening essence
Cons:expensive,some may think it is stinky 

Available in all SK2 counter,retailed price is RM399 for 30 ml/RM579 for 50ml(50 ml can last me for 6 months)
If you purchase SK2 product up to RM1200,you can ask for a 30ml spot specialist as your free gift in some counter .
worth trying ~!

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